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Views of Bethania Chapel, Cwmtwrch

These photographs around Bethania Chapel, Lower Cwmtwrch, were taken in the Spring of 2016.

Bethania is the white chapel on the hill, to the right of the roundabout as you drive up Cwmtwrch, adjacent to Quids In nursery in the old primary school.

At the base of the chapel are the foundation stones bearing the date and the name of local notables who participated in the ceremony.

The cemetery of Bethania Chapel lies adjacent to the building, to the left as you look at it.

Bethania Chapel is a rectangular structure with eight windows arranged geometrically on the side.

Looking across the cemetery, back towards Bethania Chapel

Round towards the rear of Bethania Chapel, in the cemetery

The newer section of Bethania's cemetery is at the top of the hill, behind the chapel

Looking back towards Bethania from the lane that runs up the side of the cemetery.

Many gravestones in the cemetery have been laid flat, but this one of the Jones family remains upright.

This still-upright gravestone is for the Davies family, with death dates between 1904 and 1957

Bethania cemetery contains several wargraves and remembrance graves, which can be read about in detail at - Bethania, Cwmtwrch.

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