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Singing at Sardis Chapel

Singing festivals and eisteddfods at Sardis Chapel have always been remembered fondly.

LLAIS 9th MAY 1914

One of the most successful singing festivals ever held in Ystradgynlais took place at Sardis on Monday, when Professor Dan Price, A.R.C.M., London, conducted a combined chair of over 300 voices drawn from the Sardis, Brynawel and Penrhos Chapels. The adult choir had been specially trained by Mr Tom Williams, L.T.S.C., London House, and the children by Mr David Jones, A.C. The organists were: Morning service, Mr Nimrod Jones. A.C., Peniel; Afternoon, Mr Azariah Williams, Brynawel and evening, Mr Idris Williams, A.C.P.T., Sardis. The Rev. R M Rhys presided at the three meetings. The chairman of the committee was Mr Gwilym Langdon, Peniel; vice-chairman, Mr Edmund E Watkins, Sardis: treasurer, Mr. Azariah Williams and secretary, Mr David Jones.

There was a large gathering at the morning service. In the afternoon a children's service was well attended and some fine singing was heard, the execution of the anthem, "Mi a Godaf," being excellent. The renderings of "Ceridwen" and "Mordaith Bywyd" were very much appreciated. The recitals of passages of scripture were given by Charlotte Mathias, Elizabeth Williams, Brynawel, and Nancy Davies, respectively.

The chapel was crowded to its utmost capacity at the evening service. Additional seats were placed in the aisles, but even then scores of people were unable to obtain admission. The chief items rendered by the combined choir were "Hen Alaw," "Rhondda," "Heatherdale," "Caerdaf" and "Edom," and without doubt the performance was the very best yet heard in the place. The singing was of a very high order and the conductor expressed his pleasure by stating that he had never attended a more enthusiastic festival. Miss Gwen Davies beautifully sang "Hen weddi Deuliaidd fy Nhad" and greatly pleased the huge gathering with her fine interpretation. Addresses were given by Mr W E Jones, Penrhos, and the Rev. Emlyn Jones, Tabernacle.

Sardis Children's Eisteddfod

On Saturday the 21st May 1918, a Children's Eisteddfod was held at Sardis Chapel, Ystradgynlais:-

Beirnaiaid: Y Gerdderiaeth, Dr. Dd. Evans, Caerdydd, a Mr E.H. Hughson, A.R.C.O. Yr Amrywiaeth, Mr Thomas Thomas, Cwmtwrch.

Dewisiad o bedwar darn i Gor o Oedolion - gwobr £

Cor Plant: 'Diliau'r Dolydd' gwobr laf, £5, 2ail, £1.

Unawdau, S.C.T.B., 10s 6d yr un.

Unawdau i ferched a bechgyn dan 16 oed, 7s 6d yr un.

Adrodduadau, Dadl, Ateb Cwestiynau, etc. Teste i ddechreu am 12, yr Eisceddfod am 1 o'r gloch.

Rhagleni, yn barod yn funn, oddiwrth yr yagrifenyddion: Dd. Jones, Cefnfaes, a W.R. Williams, Islwyn, Ystradgynlais.

The South Wales Voice newspaper, March 10th 1951 records an upcoming sacred performance at Sardis Chapel:-


On Sunday evening, March 18th, the Sardis Choral Society will give a rendering of Stainer's "Crucifixion" under the conductorship of Mr T.L. Jones. The soloists will be Messrs John Williams, Myrddin Evans, Misses Ann Jones and Hefina Williams, with Mrs Glenys Williams at the organ.


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