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The Butchers Arms, Ystradgynlais

The Butchers Arms, generally known as The Butch, is now a private house located at the corner of Heol Giedd and Pelican Street.

From the Llais

The Labour Voice newspaper, 13th January 1923 records a meeting of wireless enthusiasts at the Butchers' Arms:-

There was a fair muster at the Butchers' Arms on Mo[nday evening, when a meeting of wireless enthusiasts was held. Mr Harold Andrews, who owns a "Stuart" set, gave a demonstration, the opera 'The Magic Flute' which was performed in London was heard quite distinctly. The various other stations, including Manchester and Newcastle, were heard during the evening. After the demonstration, Mr Andrews explained the object of the meeting, that of forming a wireless society in the place and therefore foster interest in wireless among the enthusiasts. One need not be the owner of a set to become a member. After further discussion, it was decided to convene a further meeting at the same place at 6:30pm on Monday evening next.

Some of the details about pubs in the Swansea Valley and Coelbren were sourced from 'The Village Pub' by William T. Davies,a detailed history of brewing in the Neath and Swansea valleys and the history and heritage of the local pubs of the area. All proceeds from sale of this book go towards Ystradgynlais Community Hospital. Published by Dinewfr Press, copies of the book can be ordered either by telephoning them on 01269-850576 or emailing the author direct on WilliamTD@yahoo.co.uk.

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