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The Crown, Lower Cwmtwrch

Recently named The Ffynnon (the well), this public house reverted to its original name of The Crown in 2020, but also around 2010 was known as The Mole.

Once again bearing the name the Crown Inn, in January 2021.

Seen bearing the name The Ffynnon in 2019.

The rear of Y Ffynnon, originally The Crown public house, Lower Cwmtwrch, showing how it sits on the banks of the River Twrch.

From the Llais

The Cambrian newspaper, 8th July 1904 reported on the explosion of a mine near Ystradgynlais railway station. Among those injured was Herbert Levi, whose address was given as the Crown Inn, Cwmtwrch.

The worst case was that of James J. Davies, who lives near the Tinman's Arms, at Ystalyfera. He had been severely scorched about the thighs, arms, and face. He lay in great agony, though the injuries, even in his case, were not dangerous. The other men; all of whom had been much burned about the face and hands, were Herbert Levi (one of the contractors), Crown Inn, Cwmtwrch; Evan Jones, Ystalyfera; David Jenkins, Clydach; Philip Jenkins, Pontardawe; David J Davies Crown Row, Cwmtwrch; and Richard Griffiths.

Some of the details about pubs in the Swansea Valley and Coelbren were sourced from 'The Village Pub' by William T. Davies,a detailed history of brewing in the Neath and Swansea valleys and the history and heritage of the local pubs of the area. All proceeds from sale of this book go towards Ystradgynlais Community Hospital. Published by Dinewfr Press, copies of the book can be ordered either by telephoning them on 01269-850576 or emailing the author direct on WilliamTD@yahoo.co.uk.

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