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Saron Chapel, Crynant

Saron Chapel is an independent chapel on the main road through Crynant. It is still going strong in 2019, and the buildings and grounds are in a beautiful condition.

Saron Chapel, Crynant's name stone says

Adeiladwyd gan eglwys annibynol GodreRhos 1904

which translates as

Built by an independent church

Saron Chapel was built by Godrerhos in 1904, and initially used as a school room. The first service was held there around 1907. It is now a bilingual church, and Bethania Baptist's congregation united with Saron upon the closure of the latter chapel.

Saron Chapel, Today

The Rev Rhys Locke is the pastor of Saron Chapel, Crynant. Saron has a Facebook page of its own at https://en-gb.facebook.com/pg/saronchapelcrynant/posts/. Services, Sunday School and other activities are advertised on noticeboards in front of the chapel, alongside the main road.

A couple more views of Saron Chapel, Crynant, taken in early August 2019:-


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