Ystradgynlais & District

History and Heritage

Pubs of Lower Cwmtwrch

Views of the pubs of Lower Cwmtwrch - the Ffynon (ex-Crown), the Tafarn Twrch, the New Inn (closed 2007 or 2008)

Views of Ystradgynlais & the Upper Tawe Valley

Gorsedd Park, 2017
Gorsedd Prk was inaugurated in 1957 after the Eisteddfod of 1954 and has developed thereafter, seeing a major facelift in 2017.

  Llangiwg Church, Swansea Valley
St Ciwg's church was one of the first in the Swansea Valley. Llangiwg is now a community arts centre with poetry readings and musical performances.

Pubs of Cwmtwrch
Views of the pubs of Lower Cwmtwrch - the Ffynon (ex-Crown), the Tafarn Twrch, the New Inn (closed 2007 or 2008)

  External Views, St. Cynog's
Saint Cynog's church is the parish church for Ystradgynlais, rebuilt in 1861 and with extensive graveyards encircling it.

The Memorial in St. Cynog's
St. Cynog's Church houses a war memorial plaque, and associated memorials to the fallen, including a recent addition, a rose.

  Windows, St. Cynog's, Ystradgynlais
Saint Cynog's Chapel has many stained glass windows, installed at different periods in the 150 years after construction.

Sardis Chapel, Ystradgynlais
Sardis Chapel was built in 1861 to an unusual square design and was still going strong into the 2010s, but is now closed.

  Daniel Protheroe Memorial
The Daniel Protheroe Memorial, Rhestr Fawr, Ystradgynlais, has been restored and officially reopened on 1st July 2017

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