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Views of Gurnos School

As of Spring 2016, Gurnos School was still closed, and not used by any other organisation. These photographs were taken from outside of the now-locked-down perimeter.

The lower end of the school, looking towards what used to be a public access from the local park.

The windows that used to bring light to the classrooms are boarded up.

The wall that divides the upper and lower sections of the playground

Looking towards the early years section of Gurnos School

A side view of the lower block of the school

A ramped walkway into the school would have provided access

Looking down the playground from the main gates of the school, with the wall dividing the upper and lower playgrounds on the right.

The skies and the hills provide a wonderful vista from the playground at the lower end of the school.

The kitchen area of the school, that faces onto the terraced houses.

The rear of the school, where the view looks out over the trees of the park, towards the hills in the distance.

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