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Classrooms of Cynlais Primary School, Ystradgynlais

Empty of desks, children, teachers and all the paraphernalia of a living school, this classroom looks bereft.

A number line in the form of a caterpillar, perhaps one very hungry for the numbers!

'I am the counting caterpillar, please use me!'

Upon the whiteboard are the names of sweets in a 'Sweet Shop' presumably for a mathematical exercise.

The date on the board is 'Monday July 9th' and the work set out for the children of this class is 'On the weekend I...'

One of the teachers had written a moving farewell to a much-loved school:

Goodbye Old School
You can take the person out of Cynlais
Not Cynlais out of the person

Be Cynlais, be proud!

This upstairs room was set up as the IT or Information Technology suite, where teachers could take their classes to work on the computers.

Examples of work written by the children upon the computers, includes 'The Peaceful Village' and 'Wings' both in the form of poems.

The fire exit secondary staircase from the upstairs IT Suite.

Please would you leave this music room as you would wish to find it...

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