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Ynyscedwyn House, Ystradgynlais

From the Winter 1948 edition of 'Y Gurnosydd' came a selection of local history articles. One was on Ynyscedwyn House, which was the centre of the Gough estates in the town and district. The article begins with mention of the Anglo-Celtic factory, which was at this time (1948) of new construction.

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Gurnos is not a large district and yet when one starts looking round it can be a very interesting place. So let me take you around its principal landmarks.
If we begin our walk near the Woodlands Cafe we can see immediately the front of the new Anglo Celtic Factory. This factory produces watches and clocks and I should like to see my great grandfather raise his head and see this magnificent structure on Gurnos Fawr. Well, this factory is not ugly as the old factories were; on the contrary it is a nice piece of architecture and besides it produces articles which are sent abroad and for them we get food.
The factory, as we have said, has been built on Gurnos Fawr. Our forefathers remember that name very well, for he lived Col Fleming Gough. His house was called Ynyscedwyn House. The Editor tells me that in later issues he intends publishing the history of this house. The house is situated behind the factory and its architecture is strictly Victorian. One would not call it beautiful but it does possess a certain majesty and this is due to the fact that it was well built. In those days the builders had time to build and if you go to this house you will find walls nearly 2 feet thick. There is a nice avenue leading to the house and in days gone by the public, especially on Sunday evenings, used to walk along it.

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