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Godre'Rhos Chapel, Ystradgynlais

Godre'Rhos Chapel, Crynant, was originally built in 1754 and was rebuilt to its current construction in 1855 by architect Thomas Thomas of Landore. When I visited this Chapel I was searching for War Graves and/or Remembrance Graves within the cemetery. However there was a service in progress and afterwards the minister allowed me to take some photographs of the interior of this very beautiful little chapel.

The plaque on Godre'Rhos Chapel, Crynant, showing it was originally built in 1754 and rebuilt in 1855.

The rose upon the ceiling at Godre'Rhos Chapel, Crynant.

Godre'Rhos Chapel, Crynant

The lectern inside Godre'Rhos Chapel.

A view from the side of the lectern, including the clock behind.

The pews in Goodre'Rhos Chapel are of the enclosed box type.

Looking up over the pews to the gallery.

The benches up on the gallery.

The windows of Godre'Rhos Chapel.

The collecting boxes in Godre'Rhos Chapel.

There were two Bibles, each containing a first page written in Welsh, but not able to read or understand Welsh I took a photograph and asked the deacon of Pantteg Chapel, who had given me permission to document Pantteg Cemetery, if he would translate the first page for me. That was in 2006 and unfortunately Mr David Aneurin Griffiths B.A. passed away in 2009, but below I have included his translations:

1/ This Bible was donated to Godre'r Rhos Chapel by Elwyn Evans for the use of the Deacons Seat as a token of thanks for every 'lesson of enlightment' and blessing which he received here, throughout his early life.
True is the word which merits being received
May 28th 1950

2/ Donated to Godre'r Rhos Chapel on the occasion of its renewal (refurbishing) by Roger Jones and Rachel Jane Jones - Ynyslas
In fondest memory of their parents
Whitsun 1950

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